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We have written a lot of articles on about basic computer information, but still, people ask about basic computer information in different ways, so today in this post only we can get complete information about computers questions are always asked in the examinations and people are very useful anyway, so if you are also interested in knowing the basic of computers, then this post is for you – Basic Computer Information.

Before starting the basic information of computer, the most important question is what is a computer and what method does it work on, so let’s try to know what is a computer – 

What is Computer?


The word computer is derived from the word “Compute” in English, which means “computation”, which is why it is also called calculator or computer or computation machine and it was invented to calculate Calculation in direct language. Machine, like your calculator

What is the full form of computer

  • C = Common 
  • O = Oriented 
  • M = Machine 
  • P = Particularly 
  • U = United and used under 
  • T = Technical and 
  • E = Educational 
  • R = Research

A computer requires both software and hardware to function properly. If said indirect language, then these two are complementary to each other. Without hardware software is useless and without software hardware is useless. Meaning hardware command is given from computer software, information about how hardware has to work is already inserted in the software. There are many types of hardware connected to the CPU of the computer, the system software i.e. operating system works by making synergy between them all  

Computer Functions

The process of functioning of a computer is completed in a phased manner – 

Input → Processing → Output

  1. For input, you use the keyboard, mouse, etc. as well as the input device as well as the software to the computer commands or directs the through or enter data. 
  2. This is the second part of this procedure commands or by which enable your data to the processor via software is provided to process the information and instructions provided. 
  3. The third and final part output is the output information of the information processed by you based on the command given by the computer which is received by the output device.

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