Benelli 752S streetfighter to get a massive power boost

Benelli is intending to give a major power lift to the 752S streetfighter. The Chinese brand has chosen to re-position this bike to oblige its forthcoming 700cc motor.

As indicated by a report, Benelli has expanded the dislodging of this bicycle from 754cc to 799cc. The fascinating part here is that the extra 45cc increment has brought about a monstrous 20bhp increase – something very challenging to accomplish. In any case, it seems as though the Chinese have tracked down a way.

This new cruiser is probably going to be known as the 802S and this will assist the brand with repositioning its forthcoming 700cc equal twin stage. This new motor will initially drive the TRK 702 that is being anticipated a send off soon. This bicycle will produce around 75bhp – that is 20bhp lower than the power on the forthcoming 802S.

We are anticipating that Benelli should disclose the new 802S very soon and when that happens we’ll find out about how it oversaw such a power knock.