BMW CE-04 Electric Scooter To Be Officially Unveiled Today.

BMW Motorrad will official premier and its first electric scooter, the BMW CE-04, on 7th July 2021. The unIt should also be noted that while the virtual unveil is set to take place today, the physical debeiling will happen online via live stream, which will be shared on BMW Motod’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, and LinkedIn page. The official teaser gives us a fews of the product-ready version of the Ce-scooter-04.



BMW had stated that it will for the target of urban audiences with it, so the e-scooter might not have a long travel range on a single battery charge, but for daily comments, it should be adequate more than other . We are expect the performance to be zip through, and the handling will like be extremely agilible.


In Europe have few times CE-04 for the road safety and spy pictures about the e-scooter. The final production model of the design . The scooter is styling and quite long and sleek for the unconventional. At the front, we see LED head cover lamps, placed in a sporty front, with an orange back visor above. The sports are bright orange colour and the seat is floating away. The single-sided swingarm features an integrated rear fender, along with brake lights/turn indicators and number of plate holder, which gives the tail a clean design.

BMW will likely many plenty offers of other feature and equiped on the CE-04, like smart mobile phone connectivity, anti-lock braking system, braking regeneration, etc. It also be note that while the virtual unveil is set to take place today, the physical debut will take place later this year at the Munich Motor Show (IAA 2021).

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