Deepest swimming pool in the world: underwater apartments, restaurants and shops; Crown Prince of Dubai invited by sharing video:Deep Dive Dubai.

Deep Dive Dubai. Due to there body and grandeur these swimming pools also remain in international discussion. The worlds deepest swimming pool is located in Dubai . According to the report of Gulf News, there are also hotels shops and apartments inside this swimming pool.

This swimming pool named ‘Deep Dive Dubai’ and these pool are located has been prepared in Nad-Al-Sheba area near Dubai. Its depth is 60. It has also named Deep Dive Dubai .

How much inside a swimming pool…
The capacity of this swimming pool is 14 million liters of water, which is equivalent to 6 swimming pools of Olympic size. The temperature of this place is 30 degree Celsius.

In the swimming pool there are a diving shop. And There is also a gift shop. Inside it is a restaurant  In side the pool there are also two rooms . Apart from this, there are 2 dry rooms at 6 and also 21 meters, there is no water at all.

Pool Every 6 hours the water are filtered. the help of NASA’s developed filter technology and radiation will be taken. The water temperature shall not be allowed to exceed 30 °C.. Dubai’s Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashi Al Makhtoum shared a video on social media on is a world awaits you in Deep Dive Dubai. Its pictures are also going viral .

Know when bookings will start
Jarrod Jablonski he is a Director of Deep Dive Dubai, is a world record holder diver. Jarrod has played a major role in the development the scuba diving in the world. Public booking for ‘Deep Dive Dubai’ may start by the end of July month.