Engineer One-Ups Apple By Adding a Working USB-C Port to an iPhone

Engineer Recently, the European Union assigned USB-C as the normal charging port for future telephones. While we trust that Apple will show some signs of life, a venturesome specialist felt free to make what may be the world’s first iPhone with USB-C.

In a new video on YouTube (through Apple Insider), designing understudy Ken Pillonel shared how, with a ton of work and some interesting picking apart, he was at last ready to add a functioning USB-C port to an advanced iPhone—an iPhone X, for this situation.

Mac has gradually refreshed the vast majority of its iPad arrangement to help USB-C, and many individuals have been trusting the organization will do likewise for the iPhone.

Completely accepting USB-C would make it simpler for Apple gadget proprietors to utilize similar link to charge every one of their gadgets.

However gossipy tidbits about USB-C going to the iPhone date back to 2018 and then some, Apple has made no sign that it will truly carry USB-C to its telephones, which is the thing that makes Pillonel’s creation considerably more noteworthy.

In a blog about his USB-C iPhone project, Pillonel said perhaps the most troublesome part was sorting out some way to utilize Apple’s exclusive C94 connector, which is the circuit Apple offers to outsider extra creators for use in Lighting links and connectors.

From that point, Pillonel had the option to weld the C94 connector to a transformation board and afterward append a USB-C port on the end.


That wasn’t the finish of the test. Pillonel said the other significant obstacle was getting every one of the new parts to fit inside the iPhone’s frame, which in the long run expected him to completely figure out the C94 connector’s circuit board.

Yet, eventually, Pillonel’s persistent effort paid off: He asserts he had the option to assemble an iPhone with USB-C that can both charge and move information without issue.

Lamentably, these means are likely all in all too confounded for the normal iPhone proprietor to perform on their own gadget, however even demonstrating it tends to be done is a commendable accomplishment all alone.

Also, for anybody adequately daring to attempt to make their own USB-C iPhone, Pillonel said he is chipping away at a more inside and out video and a second part to his blog that will cover the transformation interaction in considerably more detail.

Shockingly, it appears to be most of us should keep on dreaming about a day when we may have an iPhone that can utilize the equivalent charging link as an iPad or most Android handsets.

The almost certain result is that not long from now, Apple will essentially discard the Lightning connector and make an iPhone that is totally portless.