FAUG game released in India And How to download

FAUG Finally release date, with the game launching to millions of mobile users across the country In India. FAUG, as a Fearless And United-Guards, it has been finally launched in India only for Android phones at the moment, with the iOS listing nowhere in sight. However, if you’re expecting FAUG to be a replacement for PUBG Mobile — which was banned last year in India — we’re sorry to inform you that these two are different games, at least this point of view. The most important difference is the lack of multiplayer mode on FAUG, at least at the moment, something that PUBG Mobile was quite popular for.

FAUG has been developed by nCore Games Company Bengaluru-based, which will donate 20 percent of the revenue generated by the game to Bharat Ke Veer trust In India. If you want to try out FAUG.

How to download FAUG?

FAUG has been available on the Android Google Play Store as of now, but the game will be made available on iOS later. This game you will be download go to Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS (once the listing goes live). Apart from this, you can also choose to sideload the APK on Android, but as it is a free-to-play game, we would suggest that you go through the official listing instead. 

FAUG download size

The download size for this game is varies depending on the device but, roughly, the game’s download size is at around 500MB.


First of all, you have to enter your name as soon as FAUG is open or you can play it as Guest. There are three game play modes, but two are Coming Soon, for now you will be able to play it in the same mode.

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