How to Check if Your Website is SEO Optimized .

Easy Why to check if your website is SEO optimized?

First analyzing your WordPress websites on-pages SEO setup, you can easily find and also fix SEO errors as well as, so you can improve your SEO rankings and get more traffics.

Now you should have to See in this article, how you can check if your WordPress website is SEO optimized, step by step information are given here.

Method 1: Use All In One SEO to Check and Optimize Your WordPress SEO

All in One SEO is on of the best WordPress SEO plugin in the market used more then 2 million Plus users. It lets you easily improve your SEO Optimized result rankings and optimize your site without having to learn the ins and outs of SEO.

Activate the pluging then first thing you need to do is install . now we see step by step process how to install a wp plugin for more details.

There is a free version of All In One SEO available, but you’ll use the pro version since it gives us even more SEO optimized features.

after activation, you see a new menu item called ‘AIO SEO’. You need to go to AIO SEO » Dashboard, and it will take you to the main settings panel.

Please click the ‘Launch the Setup Wizard’ button after that .

The process of setting up the plugin for your website this will walk you.

For more and more information see our guide on how to setup All in One SEO for WordPress correctly.

Once the plugin is set up, navigate to AIOSEO » SEO Analysis.

The ‘SEO Audit Check the list’ tab will give you a break it down of your overall SEO score. the ‘SEO Audit Checklist’ tab will give you overview of your score.

Under that, the ‘Complete SEO Checklist’ you ‘ll to see.

You have to think of this as your checklist for properly optimized on your WordPress website.

The biggest impact on your SEO score are the critical issues “what you need to fix first.

after next click the ‘Arrow’ to the right of an SEO issue and a box will drop down that explains the exact problem, and what you can do to fix it easily.

After your changes, you need to required the ‘SEO Analysis’ page and click the ‘Refresh Results’ button.

This will reflect the positive SEO improvements you have made and update your results. You see here the red icon ‘Critical Issue’ are now changing into a green ‘Checkbox’.

Now, you require to follow the few steps for any ‘Critical Issues’ found by the plugin and make the ‘Recommended Improvements’ if there are any suggestions.

Check the SEO of Any Competitor Website for using this, so you need to go to AIOSEO » SEO Analysis and click the ‘Analyze Competitor Site’ menu item.

Simply and easy way to enter the competitor URL into the box and click ‘Analyze competiter site’.

The results you’ll get for your competition are same result to the SEO analysis results to your website. You can easily outrank your competition in the search engine results pages, by seen that what these are doing wrong or right.

Improve Your Individual Page SEO with TruSEO

Now that you have to made changes on your website to improve your onsite SEO and fix any errors, the next step is to use the Trusted SEO analysis feature to see how well your posts and pages are SEO optimized.

Easy way to open up the post or page that you want to optimized and scroll it down to the bottom of the content editor. Then you should see the SEO settings area.

First, you can optimize your ‘Meta Description’ and your ‘Post Title’. This is what when your display in the search results.

There’s a built-in headline analyzer that will help you to maximize and click your rates to get more traffic.

After that, you can enter your ‘Focus Keyphrase’ into the box.

This focus keypharse is what you want the pages or Posts to rank for.

After you enter the focus keypharse then the plugin will analyze your content and give you tips to improve.

You can also enter multiple keypharse into the ‘Additional Keyphrases’ box.

This lets you optimize your content for multiple focus keypharse and bring it even in more traffic.

After that, you’ll get a detail ‘Page Analysis’ that will said you that how will your page is SEO optimized.

.The ‘Title’ tab will told you how well your title is optimized for the search engines.

How well your title is performing to seen Click this tab .

Next, you have the ‘Readability’ tab.

This gives you a detail to break it down of then your content is too easy to read it . It offers your suggestions to got the improvement on your content and tells us you what you’re doing well.

After that click ‘Update’ or ‘Publish’.

You’ll also notice your Trust SEO score in the upper right corner of the page. The better your content is optimized for the search engines is the higher in these number.

Method 2: Use SEMRush to Get Advanced WordPress SEO Data

SEMI Rush is one of most popular SEO tools, and they offer the best keypharse to research tool in the market.

That’s the tool that we use for the WP Beginner and our other companies. Like AIOSEO you have to use it along with a WordPress plugin like AIOSEO.

With the help of SEMI Rush, you can see how well your SEO strategy is work good for working.

First of the thing is you need to do is visit the SEMI Rush website and click ‘Sign Up’ to create an account. You have should need to sign up for a paid SEMI Rush subscription to get all the features (it’s totally worth it).

Next, you should to do that thing you can asked to provide an email address, password, and phone number. The first tool which we are using is the ‘Site Audit’ feature. This will give you a detail to break it down of any SEO errors that exist on your website or WordPress blog.

Click on ‘Site Audit’ under the OnPage & Trust SEO menu option and then enter your website to do main name and click ‘Start Audit’.

The report will run automatically.

After it’s complete, you have got a detail to break it down of any SEO errors your site has.

You should to click to expand any of these areas, and it will show you all the pages that have an issue.

For e.g., on this website, 2 external links are broken.

If you are not sure what the problem is or how to fix it, so you should click the link on ‘Why and how to fix it’ .

This will bring up a popup that’ll describe the issue in-depth It’s important to fix all of the ‘Error.

Uncover Your Backlinks and Advanced Website Analytics

Beyond helping you find and fix technical SEO errors, SEMRush is one of the best backlink checker tools.

Select ‘Backlink Analytics’ from your SEMI Rush dashboard and then enter your website URL and click ‘Check it’ to use these type of feature.

This will bring up lots of information details for about your domain name and your backlinks.

In the general, the higher you will ranking in the search engines.

You can see the total number of links in that a page and linking to what you have. If it has hundreds of links.

Track Your Traffic and Keyword Rankings Over Time

Another very useful tool is the keyword rank to tracking feature. Navigate to ‘Organic Research’ in the Competitive Research section of your SEMI Rush dashboard.

Then, click ‘Search’ and enter your domain name .

About the performance of your website this screen will give you details and informations.

You can click on the ‘Positions’ tab to get an overview of what keywords bring your website the most traffic so you can click to the ‘POSITION’ tab to get an overview information and details.

To your website these keyword are must important and valuable.

As you optimize your WordPress SEO, you’ll should to pay attention to the ‘Position Changes’ tab.

In the organic search results that are happening you should to changes. when you see your optimize your website, then you should to see that thing whether your website are ranking higher for certain keywords and getting more traffic.

SEM Rush is called the SEO Writing Assistant.

This can help you to write SEO optimized content, format of your new articles, write in a casual tone, and more.