How to Send SMS in WordPress to Your Users

Recently, one of our most common question asked if it was possible to send SMS messages to their subscribers along with email newsletters.

The answer is yes if possible in WordPress. You can easily send text messages to your WordPress website users by using many SMS plugins available for WordPress.

In this article, we well show you how to send SMS messages to your WordPress Website users, step by step so lets start.

Sending SMS Marketing Messages Using Sendinblue Plugin

Sendinblue is an email marketing service that also allows provide you to send SMS messages to your subscribers or user.

To lets started, you’ll need to set up an account with Sendinblue if you don’t have a already got one. On the Sendinblue website, click the ‘Sign up free’ button to start creating a new account.

if you’ve finished the account setup process, next you’ll see your Sendinblue dashboard. If you didn’t complete your profile so during the setup stage, you’ll be prompted to do so here.


Before you can start sending messages, you’ll need to contact info the support team. Go to and Sendinblue contact page write a query that you want:

  • Send a request to activate your account.
  • Need Your site’s URL.
  • A note that you’ll be sending marketing messages.

Once your account has been approved properly, you’ll get an email from Sendinblue. Note that this can take up to 24 hours or less.

Buying SMS Credits for Your Sendinblue Account

after your account to be approved, you can start creating an SMS campaign in Sendinblue.

First, click the button in the Sendinblue menu to go to the Apps and see Integrations page.


The you scroll down the page to find the SMS Campaigns app and click the slider and activate it.


after, you need to purchase SMS credits. In your Sendinblue dashboard account, you’ll see ‘0 SMS Credits’ on the left-hand side. You need to click and ‘Get more credits’ link to purchase to SMS credits.


taken to your ‘My Plan’ area of the dashboard. In the SMS Credits section, click the link ‘Get More SMS Credits’.


Sendinblue defaults selling to you 100 credits at a time. You can buy fewer, but the minimum charge is taken $1.14 plus tax.


Note: 1 credit to send a text SMS message in the US, but you’ll need to pay more than 1 credit per SMS message in other countries.

Once you have finished to selected the number of credits, go ahead and complete your payment and purchase.


You need to reply to them with answers to their questions before your credits can added to your account dashboard.

Creating Your SMS Marketing List

In your order to send out SMS messages, you’ll need to import your list. You can do this by using to the Contacts tab in your Sendinblue dashboard. Then, click the button ‘Import contacts’.


You can either upload to .csv files from your computer, or you can copy and paste contacts info line by line. which option you like and choose it.

sendinblue-import-options-facts-articles sms in wordpress

Important: Your users need to be have opted in for SMS marketing messages.

You can be collect website visitor’s phone numbers and consent using a WordPress plugin like WPForms or contact from7 etc.

Sending Your First SMS Campaign

if your account is approved, you can start sending messages.

First, you need to add a test contact in Sendinblue, so you can test your SMS message campaign.

next Simply, go to the Contacts section in your dashboard and then click button ‘Add a contact’ .


after you fill in your details, including your mobile or phone number.


After that, you can add your test contact to an existing list, or you can create a new one what you want.


Once you are done that, click the ‘Save and close’ button. You can see a message the subscriber has been successfully added.

When your SMS credits have been done to your account dashboard, you can test out sending a text message.

Next, go to the SMS tab in your account dashboard. after, click button ‘Create my first SMS campaign’.


You can enter your Campaign Name. This isn’t seen by the recipients. You should also enter an SMS Sender. then This will be display for users in certain countries.


Next, type your SMS message. Beneath the message box, you can see how many characters you can used and how many SMS messages will be sent.


At the bottom of the screen, click the button ‘Send a test’.


after you can see, a popup box will appear. Enter your mobile number, which you provide when you added yourself as a contact earlier.


You should be see a message telling you that your test message has been sent successfully.


Now, you can check your phone to see if the text has come through.


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