Potato power: Spuds serve high-quality protein that’s good

McMaster University researchers and found that potato’s, primarily known as a starchy vegetable, can be a source of a high-quality protein that can help to maintain muscle for humans.

The find reported in the journal Nutrients highlights the potential benefits of what is considered a non-traditional source of protein particularly the dietary trends change and worldwide demand has been increased for plant-based alternatives to animal-derived sources.

“While the amount’s of protein founded in a potato is small and we grow lots of potatoes and the protein, when isolated, it can provide some measurable benefits,” to says Sara Oikawa, a former of a graduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster and lead author of the research paper.

participants of One group consumed additional potato protein isolate, in the form of a pudding ,doubling their intake of the RDA to 1.6g/kg/d. Another group received a placebo.

“This study provides evidence that the quality of proteins from plants can support build a muscle,” says Oikawa. “I think you’ll see more work on plant-based protein sources being done.”

Alliance for Potato Research & Education research was funded.

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