Russia Plane Crash: Missing plane crashed into sea, 28 people were on board, rescue operation underway

The Russia Plane Crash which lost contact on Tuesday morning, has crashed in the sea. According to the agency, now a rescue mission is being run by Russia.

There were a total of 28 people in this plane, now many ships have been put in the rescue mission in the sea. Contact was lost before landing

According to the news agency AFP, the AN-26 aircraft took off from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Palana. When there was no contact with the aircraft, then the agencies have been informed about it. According to the information, when the plane was getting ready for landing, its contact with the air control traffic was lost at the same time. 

According to Russia’s Emergency Ministry, a total of 22 passengers were on board, including a child. Along with this, In the aircraft the total of 6 crew members are also will involved .

As per the agency’s inputs, this plane belongs to Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise. To find this plane, two helicopters, one plane have been deployed which are investigating the route of the aircraft. About 10 km from the plane landing. The contact was already lost, after which the search operation was started. 

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