Sony Reveals PlayStation 5: first look at the PS5 console

Sony PlayStation 5 launch a design like black core surrounded by curved white edging, and a blue glow.

Previous Console PS4 bestselling among the standout games announcements – Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Horizon: Forbidden West.

Sony machine will launch alongside Microsoft’s rival Xbox Series X before the end of the year.

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“While there’s still a lot of questions about the PS5 console, name ,design, price and release date, I think Sony did exactly what they needed to with this reveal event.”

“It showed off an hour of games and mixing sequels to popular titles also a new franchises from its biggest first-party studios, for a solid hour.

Sony has so many people remarked that the console looked like a “wi-fi router”, that the term trended on Twitter shortly after the event.

another highlights about Sony included a first look at racing game Grand Turismo 7 and a brief look at Capcom’s zombie horror game Resident Evil 8.

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It was not clear during the event which titles were PS5 console exclusives and which were not.

Pre-recorded show

The PlayStation 5 Console is set to go on sale later this year 202, seven years after the PS4.

The ps5 add a new to being able to deliver improved visuals, the new console also has a customized hard drive that will make it possible to radically reduce load times.

Sony Company is building a library of launch titles that will only be available on its next-generation machine. This contrasts with Microsoft as an approach the initially release new first-party games on both its current and next-gen consoles.

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The Sony opted to stream a pre-recorded video rather than a host a live event because of the coronavirus pandemic issues.

The video was a broadcast at 1080px resolution, much lower than the PS5 is capable of.

The PS4 Console outsold the Xbox One globally by more than a 2:1 margin, although the gap was much closer in the US.

“The first is the new controller – the Sony adaptive triggers offer deeper and more meaningful feedback for gameplay,” explained Robert Karp, development director at UK developer Codemasters.

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