T20 World Cup difficult due to Corona

Cricket Australia chairman Earl Eddings admitted on Tuesday that the T20 World Cup was ‘unrealistic’ this year amid the corona virus epidemic, as it would not be possible to get 16 teams here. The ICC has to decide about the tournament to be held in October-November.

Travel restrictions are in force in many countries due to the corona virus epidemic. Eddings said in the video conference, ‘I would say that it is difficult. It is not easy to bring 16 teams to Australia, while the outbreak of the corona epidemic continues in many countries.

The ICC postponed the decision on the tournament for a month after the board meeting last week. There is speculation that the tournament may be postponed and the IPL will be held at that time. In Australia, however, the epidemic has been controlled. More than seven thousand cases were reported here and more than 6000 people have become healthy.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently gave a reprieve for the T20 World Cup, saying that stadiums that have a seating capacity of 40,000 people can seat spectators in stadiums up to 10,000 from next month.

The ICC’s last meeting on June 10 was postponed until the next T20 World Cup decision, but the BCCI is not thinking too far about it and says that the Indian team will take part in the World Cup or No, its decision will depend on the Government of India.

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