The ‘first’ USB Type-C iPhone is here but it’s not from Apple

Macintosh is gradually moving from the Lightning port to USB Type-C for Macs and iPads. In any case, there is no word regarding when iPhones will at last get it. With the dispatch of the new iPhone 13 series, Apple superseded the Type-A (standard USB) port with Type-C on the contrary completion of the Lightning charging join.

We can anticipate that Apple should take on Type-C over the long haul, particularly with the European Commission compelling cell phone brands to move to a typical Type-C charging port. While we trust that Apple will make the shift, an architect named Ken Pillonel displayed how he put a USB Type-C port on the iPhone X. In the video he posted on YouTube, Pillonel uncovered a functioning iPhone X with Type-C port.


Pillonel sorted out the C94 connector and made changes to the PCB board to make the Type-C port work for both charging and data move. He displayed that it will be very simple for Apple to roll out the improvement in future iPhones however at that point everything’s with regards to Apple’s aim.

While Pillonel made the shift to Type-C port on his iPhone X sound basic, note that he has definite data and capacities in equipment. In this way, it isn’t fitting that you give it a shot on your iPhone. Likewise, recall rolling out any such improvements will cause your iPhone to lose the guarantee.

In the interim, for those ignorant, The European Commission has made it required for cell phone brands and other electronic makers to dispatch items with a typical charging port and they have chosen USB Type-C port for something similar. Presently, it is fascinating to perceive how Apple reacts. It might either make iPhone models with USB Type-C solely for the European market or may essentially dump the Lightning port inside and out and simply take on Type-C port.