This is the world’s most expensive burger ‘The Golden Boy’! You will be stunned to know the price

Most Expensive Burger in World: Amidst the Corona epidemic, a food outlet in the Netherlands has come up with the idea of ​​the most expensive burger ‘The Golden Boy’. You will surely be stunned to know its price.

Most Expensive Burger in World: The Kovid-19 pandemic and lockdown have broken the back of the restaurant business across the world. The Netherlands bring a new idea during this time. Burger’s “The Golden Boy” is named.


Accordingly the price of the burger is at 5000 pounds (about 4 lakh 47 thousand rupees). In this way a Rolex watch can be bought. Food in Woorthuijen city outlet DI Dalton (Outlet De Daltons) owner says Robert Jan de Veen that “the dream of my childhood world record breaker and be able to do is amazing.”

According to Veen, he was scouring the World Records archive when he found that the record for being the most expensive burger in the world was previously held by Outlaw Grill in Oregon, USA. The burger made by this food outlet was priced at 4200 pounds (about 3 lakh 72 thousand rupees )

According to Guinness World Records, the record of in the name of this burger since 2011. Veen said, “That burger weighed 352.44 kg, obviously it could not be for one person so I thought I could do better than this.”

Why is Golden Boy so expensive?

According to the report of Euro News, In the bun of the burger there is a golden leaves. In addition, beluga caviar (unfertilized eggs of a fish called sturgeon) truffle (mushroom)king crab, duck egg mayonnaise and Dom Pérignon Champagne have been used to make it