Tokyo 2020: Olympic medal at the age of 58… this player did this feat

Kuwait’s Abdullah Alarshidi showed the world that age is only a measurement for him by winning a bronze decoration in taking shots at the Tokyo Olympic.

At the age at which individuals are frequently bustling making arrangements for a ‘resigned’ life, this shooter has achieved this amazing accomplishment.


The seven-time Olympian won a bronze award in the men’s skeet occasion on Monday. Not just this, subsequent to winning the decoration, he likewise vowed to target gold in Paris Olympics in 2024, when he will have crossed 60.

He told the Olympic Information Service at the Asaka Shooting Range, ‘I’m 58 years of age. The most seasoned shooter and this bronze isn’t anything not exactly gold for me.

I’m extremely content with this decoration however desire to win gold award in next Olympics. In Paris.’


He said, ‘I’m unfortunate that I was unable to win the gold, but on the other hand am content with the bronze. Inshallah, I will win a gold award in the following Olympics, in Paris in 2024.

I will be 61 around then and will likewise enter the snare with skeet.

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Alarshidi originally contended in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He had additionally won a bronze award in Rio Olympics 2016, however had arrived as a free player around then.

Kuwait was restricted by the International Olympic Committee. Around then, Al Rashidi came wearing the shirt of Arsenal Football Club.

On winning an award while playing for Kuwait, he said, “I was content with the decoration in Rio, yet pitiful in light of the fact that Kuwait didn’t have a flag. You see the function, my head was bowed.

I would not like to see the Olympic banner. I’m glad here on the grounds that the banner of my nation is here