Voice Tweet feature introduced on Twitter

Voice Tweet: Twitter has launched the Voice Tweet feature. There is a limit of 140 seconds. After the limit is over, the next voice tweet will be recorded by itself and will be added to your Twitter thread.

Micro-blogging website Twitter has launched a new feature Voice Tweet. This feature will currently be available for iOS. The company has said that it is initially being launched for limited users.

Twitter says that at times 280 characters are not enough, so the company wants to give more human touch to use Twitter through this feature. So now users will be able to record the tweet in their voice.

The way to use Voice Tweet is the same as you tweet text. For Voice Tweet you have to open Tweet Composer and here you will see a new wavelength icon.

After tapping it, you will get the option to record, during this time your profile photo will be shown in the center and the record button will be shown here. You can send a voice tweet by tapping. One voice after another will be transformed into a tweet thread.


Twitter has said, ‘Each Voice Tweet can record up to 140 seconds of audio. If you have more to say than this, then you keep speaking. After the limit is over, a new voice tweet will start and it will create a thread.

Voice tweets will appear on Twitter’s feed in the same way as common tweets. Tapping on an image to hear a voice tweet.

According to the company, only playback in iOS will start in a new window which will be docked in the bottom of the timeline. That is, while watching other tweets, you can listen to the voice tweet continuously even while scrolling.

Voice tweet will also be of benefit that you will be able to listen to voice tweet even while doing other work. Twitter has said that this feature will be released for all iOS users in the coming weeks.

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