What Is The HTML Text Formatting

HTML Text contains a few components for characterizing text with an uncommon significance.


This text is bold

This text is italic

This is subscript and superscript

HTML Formatting Elements

Organizing components were intended to show exceptional sorts of text.

  • <b> – Bold text
  • <strong> – Important text
  • <i> – Italic text
  • <em> – Emphasized text
  • <mark> – Marked text
  • <small> – Smaller text
  • <del> – Deleted text
  • <ins> – Inserted text
  • <sub> – Subscript text
  • <sup> – Superscript text

HTML <b> and <strong> Elements

The HTML <b> component characterizes intense content, with no additional significance.


<b>This text is bold</b>

The HTML <strong> component characterizes text with solid significance. The substance inside is ordinarily shown in striking.


<strong>This text is important!</strong>

HTML <i> and <em> Elements

The HTML <i>component characterizes a piece of text in a substitute voice or disposition. The substance inside is normally displayed in italic.

Tip: The <i>tag is regularly used to demonstrate a specialized term, an expression from another dialect, an idea, a boat name,etc


<i>This text is italic</i>

The HTML<em> component characterizes accentuated text. The substance inside is normally displayed in italic.

Tip: A screen peruser will articulate the words in <em> with an accentuation, utilizing verbal pressure.


<em>This text is emphasized</em>

HTML <small> Element

The HTML <small> element defines smaller text:


<small>This is some smaller text.</small>

HTML <mark> Element

The HTML <mark> component characterizes text that ought to be checked or featured:


<p>Do not forget to buy <mark>milk</mark> today.</p>

HTML <del> Element

The HTML <del> element characterizes text that has been erased from a report a line through deleted text:


<p>My favorite color is <del>blue</del> red.</p>

HTML <ins> Element

The HTML <ins>component characterizes a book that has been embedded into a report .Browsers will usually underline inserted text:


<p>My favorite color is <del>blue</del> <ins>red</ins>.</p>

HTML <sub> Element

The HTML component characterizes addendum text. Addendum text shows up a large portion of a person underneath the typical line, and is in some cases delivered in a more modest textual style. Addendum text can be utilized for compound equations, similar to H2O:


<p>This is <sub>subscripted</sub> text.</p>

HTML <sup> Element

The HTML <sup> component characterizes superscript content. Superscript content shows up a large portion of a person over the ordinary line, and is at times delivered in a more modest textual style. Superscript content can be utilized for commentaries, as WWW[1]:


<p>This is <sup>superscripted</sup> text.</p>

HTML Text Formatting Elements

<b>Defines bold text
<em>Defines emphasized text 
<i>Defines a part of text in an alternate voice or mood
<small>Defines smaller text
<strong>Defines important text
<sub>Defines subscripted text
<sup>Defines superscripted text
<ins>Defines inserted text
<del>Defines deleted text
<mark>Defines marked/highlighted text
HTML Style