What Is The Most Common Bird In The World?

The most widely recognized Common Bird on the planet is the homegrown chicken (gallus domesticus). In 2018 it was evaluated that there were around 23.7 billion chickens in the world, up from 14.38 billion in the year 2000.

Chickens are mostly saved for egg-laying and meat with China alone delivering 529 billion eggs in 2017. The world’s subsequent driving egg maker, the United States, delivered 106.7 billion eggs around the same time and 19.71 million metric huge loads of meat in 2019.

Nevertheless, the most abundant wild bird is the red-charged (Quelea quelea),a sparrow-sized bird in the weaver family with a general population of about 1.5 billion duplicating birds.

Common Bird
Common Bird
Common Bird

Otherwise called the red-charged weaver or red-charged dioch, the red-charged quelea is local to sub-Saharan Africa and can be found in tropical and subtropical regions with a semi-bone-dry environment in spite of the fact that it maintains a strategic distance from backwoods, deserts, and colder regions like those at high heights.

Red-charged queleas have principally earthy colored plumage however during rearing season 75% of guys foster a dark facial veil lined with pink or rust shaded quills. Infrequently they will foster a white cover lined with dark. They have a strong, cone-molded bill which is red in females outside of reproducing season and guys throughout the entire year, and orange or yellow in females during rearing season.

Their bills have developed to air out seeds which make up most of their eating routine, inclining toward grains of 1-2 mm in size, like wild grasses and rice. Because of their sheer numbers, red-charged queleas can make broad harm oat crops including millet, teff, grain, and oats, and because of this they are here and there known as ‘Africa’s padded beetle’.

They are friendly birds and feed in groups of millions of birds. They generally feed on the ground and as birds at the rear of the group run out of food they will fly over the birds in front to arrive at a crisp taking care of region which gives the impression of a moving cloud.

Governments in various African nations have endeavored to reduce or kill the number of inhabitants bleeding cash charged quelea by showering avicides or exploding fire-bombs on states during the evening. Notwithstanding, these have been to a great extent ineffective and populace the executives is presently centered around regions probably going to assault weak fields.

The top 10 most abundant Common Bird in the world
Species of birdPopulation size
1Domestic chicken30 billion
2Red-billed quelea1.5 billion
3Mourning dove475 million
4American robin310 million
5Common pheasant160-220 million
6Red-winged blackbird210 million
7Chipping sparrow200 million
8Common starling100-199 million
9Common swift95-164 million
10Yellow-rumped warbler130 million
Common Bird